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Cultural Ambassadors

Do you have a deep passion for your city and its culture? Are you enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge and insights with others? If you've been recommended to us, it's your opportunity to shine as a Local Sister—guiding solo travelers through unique, personalized experiences in your hometown.

As part of our commitment to creating authentic and safe travel experiences, we're inviting applications exclusively from women who come highly recommended. As a Local Sister, you'll be at the forefront of showcasing the best your city has to offer, from its hidden nooks to its celebrated landmarks, enhancing the travel experience for solo adventurers.

What We Offer:


  • A chance to share your city's story and connect with travelers from across the globe.

  • The opportunity to generate income on your own terms, offering guidance and companionship to solo travelers.

  • Marketing and operational support from our dedicated team, helping you attract travelers to your unique experiences.

  • A platform to join a worldwide community of women, committed to making travel safer, more accessible, and enriching for solo female travelers.


Who We're Looking For:

  • Native women with a profound connection to their city, eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

  • Individuals with exceptional communication skills, a warm personality, and a genuine interest in meeting new people and fostering cross-cultural connections.

  • A readiness to provide secure, enjoyable, and immersive travel experiences tailored to solo explorers.

  • Creativity in designing distinctive tours and activities that highlight the unique aspects of your locale.


Application Process: Since our Local Sisters are selected through recommendations, please include in your application:

  • A brief introduction about yourself, emphasizing your bond with your city.

  • Details on what makes you an ideal Local Sister, including any past experience in guiding, hosting, or storytelling.

  • Your availability and ideas for tours or experiences you're passionate about offering.

  • Contact information for us to reach out to you for further discussions.

If you've been recommended to us, seize this chance to represent your city and become a part of a movement that celebrates local culture, empowers women, and builds meaningful connections across the world. Apply today to embark on this rewarding journey with us!

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